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This besom is crafted with a lovely new color combination that I'm in love with.  Guess the definition below explains why.


"The peach got its name from the external tone of the fruit. With its origin in nature, the peach is something of a comfort. It also gives a feeling of joy.  The color peach is known to be an excellent color for communication, it also has much influence on good manners and calm. It is a colour that gives you shelter, as it does not let you sink into pain or disappointment. This colour brings a high degree of positivism, always rejuvenating us in the most difficult moments. The great and stimulating benefits of the colour peach should surround you every day!"  Aphrodite is one of many associated Deities to peach.


This blueberry broomstick shows off the beautiful bark colors and it's paired with peach, mint green and wine craftcorn.  It measures approx 60"





Aphrodite Blueberry Besom

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