This one will go fast!

This crooked black broomstick is complimented with a beautiful hand dyed broomcorn head.  The black, purple and green broomcorn are some of our customers' favorite combos.  The uneven wispy ends and curvy broomstick make this the perfect cottagecore piece or a ceremonial piece.  While all our brooms are crafted to do work, you will most likely not want to dirty this one up!  The broom measures about 58" in curvy length.  FREE SHIPPING


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Black Beauty Woodland Besom

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  • Brooms should always hang from the included loop, or another method you create for a display.  Never leave a broom idol on it's bristles.  If hanging isn't an option, flip a broom over and stand on it's handle.  Frequently spin a broom when sweeping to keep the broom bristles from slanting in the frequent direction of use.  Keep dry and out of direct sunlight.  Follow these directions and you'll have many years of use from a corn broom.