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I have a slight addiction to chocolate and decided these chocolate tones look deliciously good for decor, but they will also perform your cleaning tasks.  These Whisks come in 2 styles and 2 colors.

They are also hand tied with double colored threads.  


Each photo is labeled with the color and style.  Pick your favorite!

All our brooms are crafted with our own hand dyed broomcorn!  We use enviromentally friendly dyes making our products eco-friendly.  


These corn whisks are simple, yet classy, useful whisk brooms.  These are our standard large size, approximately 13x10x1.  All handmade so some variation in size should be expected.  


I have hand tied 2 different styles of whisks.  Both classic and elegant and both can be tasked with the same dirt jobs should you choose to use them for chores.


Hens Wing Whisk-stacked thread tying

Turkey Wing Whisk-spaced thread tying


The photos are labeled to show the design differences.






Chocolate Tones Whisk Brooms

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