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This broom has a special story!  The day I completed this besom and named her, was the same day  that we crossed paths with a friend who needed our help but none of us knew it.  After a series of "coincidental" events (I choose to believe everything happens for a reason!), my husband and I reluctantly accepted an impromtu invitation that resulted in series of life saving events!  If paths didn't cross, our dear friends future would look much different.  So many blessings to be had that day, by all!  I hope this besom will fill someone's future, whatever it may be, with many blessings!


This is an amazing decor piece, wedding broom, or for ceremonial use.  It is a blueberry broomstick with orange, brown and royal blue broomcorn, all hand dyed and stitched with unique arms crossing over top of the stitching.   It weighs 2 lbs 5 oz  and is approx 60" in overall length.


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Crossing Paths Blueberry Besom

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