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In ancient Greek religion and mythology, Demeter is the Olympian goddess of the harvest and agriculture, presiding over crops, grains, food, and the fertility of the earth. Although she is mostly known as a grain goddess, she also appeared as a goddess of health, birth, marriage, and had connections to the Underworld.


This is a cedar broomstick that we give thanks for, as we harvest it for our products.   The colors chosen are that of the harvest season,  Brown, orange, sky blue and natural craftcorn.  In our area farmers remove cedar shurbs from their fence rows once they've grown out into the planting areas.  That is when we come in and repurpose the cedar for broomsticks before they are destroyed.  But don't worry.  Cedar is sustainable and renewable and grow right back only to repeat the process every few years.  We are grateful to be able to harvest the cedar for our broomsticks after the farmers have cut them.  


This broomstick has lovely reds that have been preserved and sealed to remain red.  The red swirls throughout the broomstick is amazing!


This is an amazing cottagecore piece, wedding broom, or for ceremonial use.  It is approx 60" in overall length.


Handcrafted from beginning to end.  We hunt for the broomsticks, dye our own broomcorn and build these beautiful besoms.  All sustainable and never harming living plants or the environment with our non-toxic dyes.  


I hope you enjoy our art and craft of broom making.  

Demeter Cedar Besom

SKU: Demeter
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