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This beautiful cedar broomstick is full of character!  For starters, the cedar red knots and markings are unique.  The heart is my interpretation of the one cedar red grain mark.   Crafting these lovely pieces fills my heart with happiness!  The broomcorn has been hand dyed and feature Rust, natural, green and royal blue traces.  The photos describe it's beauty way better than words. The color inspiration is natures canvas.  As seen in my little piece of the autumnal forest.   It is one of a kind.  


This is an amazing cottagecore piece, wedding broom, or for ceremonial use.  It weighs 3 lbs 8 oz and is approx 60" in overall length. Fairly straight handle, and heavy!  You may have a healthy heart just carrying this around for long periods of time :-)


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Heart Happy Cedar Besom Broom

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