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  • Do only family members craft brooms?
    Yes, all of our brooms are made by Meckleys. Grandfather & Grandmother, Son & Daughter In Law, and Grandson. Each of us has our own unique responsibility in the broom business.
  • Do we grow our own supplies?
    We do not grow our own broomcorn. We purchase it from a local Amishman. We do however, do our own dying of the broomcorn, all the vivid colors including black. We finish our own handles with dyes, stains and polys. We also turn some custom handles on a lathe. We collect felled tree branches on hikes or from our wooded property to make custom handles. We hike in timbered areas and never harvest a living tree.
  • What is fractal wood burning art?
    Fractal burning is a process that involves high voltage electricity. (Brett is an electrician) The wood burning marks come from the inside of the wood to the outside. It is an amazing, but extremely dangerous process. These marks are not drawn on the handle with a wood burning tool. All the marks/burns are unique with only the power of electricity determining the outcome.
  • What makes our brooms the best?
    The simple answer is we love our customers! If we don't make the best quality brooms, we wouldn't have repeat customers or excellent reviews. We craft each broom with the utmost pride and old fashion quality our customers expect when they purchase a Meckley corn broom. Every broom represents our century old family business and is branded with our name on it. Our customers inspire us with reviews, suggestions, custom orders and their appreciation of a timeless and sustainable craft. When we say it's a Meckley Broom, only Meckley hands have crafted it.
  • Do we make custom ordered brooms?
    Yes! Contact us. We will help in designing the perfect broom. And if we can't......we can try to put you in contact with someone who can.
  • Do we wholesale?
    Yes! Please contact us for more information.
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