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I crafted this besom (maybe a bit early since Ostara is a spring equinox celebration) but the colors I chose represent the birth, or regeneration of the decayed winter season.  This is an ash broomstick destroyed by the ash borer beetle in northern PA. I'm repurposing it with the early emerging colors of spring.  


Yellow: stimulates the mind, represents an achievement, learning, happiness, completeness, psychic power.
Green: stimulates the mind, represents prosperity, fertility, love, romance, friendship, harmony.

Black: illustrates the end but also a seed to a new beginning, riddance of negativity and negative thoughts


The overall length is 60"


All handcrafted by my husband and I for decor, however if you choose to use it for other purposes, keep it dry and out of direct sunlight to prevent accelerated fading.  I use non toxic Rit dye without preservaties to keep our products enviromentally friendly.



Ostara Ash Besom

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