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1 thread card = 50 feet (approx 16.5 yards). This listing is for a single thread card. You pick the color.

You asked and we supplied! Grab your broom thread (twine) to make your own broom(s). You choose the color and we measure out 50 feet of broom making thread. This is the exact same nylon thread I personally use to make all our whisks and hand tied/stitched custom brooms and round brooms.

There is enough thread on this card to make two average size whisks, or maybe one fancy hens wing or other unique creations.

You could also stitch a broom with 2-3 rows of this thread. I'd recommend 2 spools to make a complete a full size sweeping broom. 1 to build the broom and another to stitch flat.

Variations from screen to screen, lighting and photo quality can effect the tints you might be viewing. Therefore, we fully disclose that there can and will be slight variations in thread color, but we try to be as accurate as possible.

Don't forget to order your broom corn/craftcorn supplies! You can find them here: 

50' Thread, cord or Twine for Broom Making

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