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Pure simplicity and beauty!  And useful!!

Our newest house broom!  Originally Crafted as a custom order, but as it turns out, we loved it so much....we decided to make it a Meckley Broom regular!  This broom can handle your toughest jobs, and it looks great while your using it.  It can also be a great decor item because of its beauty.  

Our brooms are 100% handcrafted by the Meckley family in our homes (inlaws & us).  We use pine or poplar handles with a natural pine handle or chestnut stained handle and our own dyed broomcorn.  This particular broom uses natural broomcorn as the base, and then mixed broomcorn colors of red, blue, green, and orange.  The finished product is a perfect representation of a fall harvest!

Meckley Brooms make great gifts, not just because of the useful purposes, but because of the quality and appearance of our brooms.  To learn more about Meckley Brooms, please visit our Etsy Shop.

Disclaimer:  Our brooms do not fly, nor are they electric or rechargeable.  They do not run around your home while you are at work, chasing the pets.  They require two willing/or not-so-willing hands to operate.

Rainbow Corn Brooms for House, Kitchen and Decor

  • **Broom care instructions: Hang your broom or stand upright on the handle, never the bristles. Keep in a dry location. Broomcorn is a natural fiber, so if left in damp or wet conditions, it may become moldy. We do not use any harsh chemicals or preservatives on our broomcorn. Dyed broomcorn can fade & bleed if gotten wet. When using your broom, frequently spin the handle so the bristles do not become worn down in a single direction. If you follow these directions you will have a broom that lasts many, many years!

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