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****Meckley Brooms does not hand make the dust pans. They are, however, handmade by our Amish broomcorn supplier's family in Lancaster Co, PA. We are only offering them as an accessory item in our shop, because it seems fitting for a broom maker to have dust pans available for broom clean up duties.These beautifully hand crafted dust pans are made of walnut, cedar, mulberry or Cherry wood and genuine leather. It is the same leather used to craft the Amish horses' reins. These dust pans do work, however we have had more customers want them for decor, than to dirty up. They pair excellent with a handmade Meckley Broom of any kind. Our mantel looks so pretty with a Whisk (or a bunch of whisks) and this beautiful dust pan.Another use for this dust pan is to use as a serving tray. Wow your guests with grapes, cheese and wine! Yepp, a dust pan for serving. You heard me right. We've had customers pass along this information. But if you choose this option, you should treat the wood with some food grade mineral oil or bees wax. There are many recommended products to treat wood surfaces that will come in contact with food some you may even have in your kitchen already.Our current supply is made of Cherry, Cedar, Mulberry or Walnut wood. The pictures are an example to show contrast of the types of wood and you should expect a slightly different grain pattern as each tree is unique and as is each dust pan.This is the only item in our shop that we do not make ourselves. Wish we could, but we don't have the tools for the workspace to take on a craft such as fine woodworking and leather work. The Amish supplier is aware that we buy to resell as accessories to our handcrafted brooms. We respect the Amish community and will honor their privacy and modesty by not disclosing their name.USPS is experiencing delays to some parts of the country due to the Covid19 pandemic. We appreciate your understanding as they work through ongoing issues and longer delivery times. We do ship priority mail and insure the packages and hope that you will understand these delays.


Measurements: Length 16.5" x Width 10" x 3" highest point (falls on handle)

Amish Made Wooden Dust Pans

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