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This hand harvested broom handle is one of a kind.   Fading brown, Red, Orange and natural broomcorn are crafted onto the cedar broomstick, a suede hanging strap is added, and the broom is complete.  It is the perfect autumnal besom.


Approx 60" in overall length

This broom is made for work, play, fantasy, and decor.  It does NOT fly, except in your imagination. (disclaimer)


Each custom broom is crafted in our home.  The wood is gathered sustainably and responsibly, sealed for beauty forever by my husband and then turned over to me to craft our own dyed broomcorn into works of art.  There are truly no two brooms alike in our shop.


I have to mention that colors/tints/lighting/screens can all affect the photos, but we do our best to show the true colors and markings on our custom-one-of-a-kind brooms.


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Autumnal Blazes Cedar Besom

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