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This is a superior quality black dyed house broom. It is handcrafted and hand stitched on our 150+ year old equipment. The average length is between 55-56" and spread is 9+" at base.  We like to use the "+" because it varies by the user's amount of pressure applied.  The handle is blackened with our custom dyes and coated with a poly to make it smoother for your hands.  The broom corn is either purchased black or hand dyed by us, depends on our supply and demand.  It is hand stitched, the old fashioned way, using a strong polypropylene thread that doesn't stretch.  This creates a tightly stitched, superior quality house broom.  This broom will last many many years with proper care.  

We do not use preservatives in our dyes, so fading can occur if left in sunlight.  Also, do not allow this broom to get wet because the color will bleed.
When dying black broomcorn, achieving pure black is nearly impossible.  You may notice highlights of purple or even green/bluish colors.  This is a normal when dying natural fibers like broomcorn.

Now Offered with Grey or Red stitching.

Meckley Brooms is a 6 generation family of broom artisans, crafting brooms on original equipment purchased by the first Meckley Broom maker.  It was already used when the family purchased it, making our broom machine 150+ years old!  When we say "old-fashioned" superior quality, we truly mean it.  They don't make them like this anymore!  Now times have changed, so the brooms needed updated.  Not in quality, but in color!  In our shop you can find many brilliant colors in so many of our brooms.  If you still prefer a traditional broom without colors, we offer those as well.  Just visit our shop to see all the items we offer.  Don't forget to follow us on Instagram and Facebook @meckleybrooms  to see sales and new products.  Thank you for visiting our listing/shop.

Black Kitchen Brooms

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