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Our Brilliant Brooms are our newest, and highly requested broom series. We are using our own custom dyes to make vivid broomsticks that match and coordinate with that same color of broomcorn. (We do our best to photograph our brooms true to color.  Ultimately computer screens, lighting and the dyeing process and batches can affect the actual tints.  These slight differences are all part of the handmade process.)  We are making 6 colors right now: Red, Blue, Green, Purple, Brown and Orange. These are handcrafted with the same great quality that our customers have come to love and expect from Meckley Brooms. Just pick your color in the shopping cart and checkout. Your broom will arrive carefully packaged using recycled packing materials when applicable. (we do our part to avoid adding plastics to the environment by reusing other area businesses delivered packing supplies) 


After the process of hand-dying broomcorn and broomsticks, the brooms are assembled on our 150+ year old broom machine and then stitched, again by hand. Randy uses 4 rows of stitching to make a solid, firm, but flexible broom that will serve you well for many years if properly cared for and stored when not in use. And the best part of the Brilliant Brooms Series is that the broom will look great if coordinating with your decor. Maybe you have a favorite color, favorite sports team, or have a friend who surrounds themselves with certain colors. These make great gifts for all types of people, for all types of reasons and/or special days. Brilliant Brooms can make chores fun (well maybe), but you'll at least look good doing it. Length measurement is 56" on average. All handmade so they can vary slightly in length.


Our Brilliant Brooms are great for campers, indoor outdoor rugs, porches, garages, basements, kitchens (any surface type), pavers, sidewalks and tailgate parties. Who doesn't want a broom the colors of their Alumni or Sports Team? Some use towels, but we got Brooms ;-) Should only be used on dry surfaces to preserve the dyed colored broomcorn. We do make a heavy duty working broom as well for those that want to make our brooms work super hard daily. Sorry the heavy duty broom is not colored since it often finds jobs that may not be the driest of conditions. The Heavy Duty broom can be found in it's own listing in our Shop.

Brilliant Kitchen Broom Series

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