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Broomcorn stalk stems, measured, sorted, and counted, for your DIY broom making projects.  These are full round stalks only, but don't forget, each one can be sliced in half lengthwise to double your project count for weaving or plaiting on broom handles.  **These are for stem stalks only as seen in photos**no props included.


Over 6 inches in length, in quantities listed below:


20 Stalks per bundle

Free Shipping


Remember to soak your stalks before weaving!  I prefer 3 hours in warm water and splash of white vinegar.

Quantities vary per projects.  Whisks can be 9-12 half stalks and house brooms can vary from 13-20 half stalks.  Halving stalks is simple with a sharp knife and cutting board, but watch your fingers!  I stand the stalk upright and start my blade across the top of an end and slice down through the stalk.  

Broomcorn Stalks for weaving or plaiting on broom handles

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