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Cake testers!  Break one piece off and use like a toothpick to test baked goods.  Never pull them out, break them off, one at a time.  Hundreds of tests are in each hand tied cake tester.  Never mess with the broken box of toothpicks.  This hangs nicely using the attached loop.  (I use a M3 hook inside my baking cabinet) Measures 4-5" height and approx 1.5" diameter at the binding.  Never counted pieces, but literally hundreds of testers pieces.


Variety of colors available that are stocked!  If a thread color isn't available that you prefer, just send me a message about a preferred color and I can see if I have that thread color to craft one just for you.  


Did you know that broomcorn has a natural waxy film on the outside of the stalk?  This is perfect for baking because you can use that same piece of broomcorn for an entire day of baking.  Simply wipe off with a papertowel and keep on baking and testing!


One more interesting and maybe stomach turning fact!  Back in the old days, bakers would run to their house brooms and break a piece off the broom for testing baked goods.  We have changed that process to avoid floor dirt on your cake tester!


Makes great gifts and stocking stuffers.  

Cake Testers

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