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This is a 2-1 kitchen gadget.  One end of this scrubber is course to use on a cast iron pan (pot scrubber), while the opposite end is a softer bristle to clean vegetables.  Some may call this end a veggie brush or vegetable scrubber.  Brooms aren't just for your floors!  These dye free brushes can easily be dunked in boiling water and thoroughly dried for a good cleaning/sanitizing and reused over and over until you need to contact Meckley Brooms for a new one!  I honestly don't do this very often, but it's an option if you should chose to do so.  I swish mine around in Dawn dish soapy water after use.  Or, pop it in the mircrowave for a minute or two.  Another quick sanitizer.


Measures approximately 8-9"  Not limited to just these colors.  Have a look at the color swatch chart.  You can special request any of these colors listed.  Simply send me a message with the # and color name that you'd like to order.


Beside it's useful sides, these handmade natural kitchen gadgets look great as decor and make nice little gifts for the person who has everything.


Most recently I was contacted by a customer who said he used the 2-1 broom for his floor mats in his car and said it's the best little broom for inside his truck. (he is not returning it to his wife!)


Cast pot & sweet potato are not included, sorry but I had to say that!


Disclaimer:  Pot Scrubber is for cast iron pots only.  Never use this brush on a Teflon type coated pan.  If used hard enough, meaning if you scrub your cast so hard your knuckles bleed, it is possible to damage your aged non-stick surface. This pot scrubber is for the daily quick cleaning.


I personally have a scrubber for my cast and a separate on for veggies.  I love both ends for my cast iron.  The softer side for everyday cleaning and the stiff shorter end to scrub off those hard baked on food scraps.  

Cast Iron Pot Scrubber/Veggie Brush

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