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All kids should have a corn broom in their size!  Great little brooms to encourage children to help with chores and share in household responsibilities.  The kid brooms are crafted using the same methods we use for a full size broom, only small sized.  Lots of colors to chose from!  Let them pick their favorite color, or maybe even coordinate with a halloween costume!


The small size of this broom also makes it an ideal hearth sweeper.  Great for cleanups and decor.  This corn broom measures 34" (give or take a little for the handmade factor), with about a 6" sweep width.


Meckley Brooms has been crafting corn brooms for over 100 years through 6 generations.  We use the exact same equipment handed down through these generations.    When we say old fashioned quality, we mean it.  These are not hardware store brooms.  Our brooms are more of an heirloom quality broom.  Works great for many years if properly cared for and because of the added color to corn brooms, they can become part of your decor.

Child's Broom, Kid Sized Corn Broom, Hearth Sweeper

PriceFrom $43.00
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