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This is a broom makers delight! Your box will contain 1/2 pound of NATURAL craftcorn, plus your choice of 2 additional colors, each in 1/2 pound increments for a box total of 1.5 lbs of craftcorn. Craftcorn is a type of Sorghum grown specifically for broom making. It is perfect for crafting a colonial style or witchy style broom/besom.

Craftcorn is the unprocessed form of what is commonly called broomcorn. This means it has not been processed to a specific length. It is left at it's natural growth length. We do NOT leave the stalks on our craftcorn, because the quality of the stalks from this year's crop has been very poor and they are extremely hard to dye to accomplish a well saturated stalk.

This is the product I personal use to make all our custom witchy besoms. It is also great for floral arrangements. Perfect for the casual/occasional broom maker, craftsman, curious self teaching person or Artisan.

All batches of dye differ in tint because dying is not an exact science, but the colors will be in the same category of color. We use RIT dyes, so our products are non toxic, vegan, and environmentally friendly. We do not use preservatives, so fading is likely over time and/or with exposure to sunlight, and slight bleeding can occur if gotten wet, BUT we thoroughly rinse, so bleeding is minimal (disclaimer) .

Our sorghum is very clean! As clean as can be. I put our broomcorn through a thorough rinse cycle and additionally soak it in a white vinegar bath. While this doesn't completely prevent bleeding, your hands and lungs will stay much cleaner (RIT dyes are non-toxic) while handling, as compared to our competitors broomcorn that is incredibly dirty/dusty (can't claim to know what they use as dyes, but it's not RIT).

This is a 1.5 lbs pack of the following items:

** 1/2 lbs of Natural Craftcorn (No Stalks, 22-34") No substitutions
** 1/2 lb of your choice of dyed craftcorn (No Stalks, 22-34")
** 1/2 lb of your choice of dyed craftcorn (No Stalks, 22-34")

If you would like this same variety pack with Black craftcorn, shop here: 

Shades of color can vary within a single stalk of craftcorn due to the thickness of the plant, age, heat of the dye bath, outside temperatures, and the length of the craftcorn. Honestly, it's what makes dyed colors so unique and fun.

Unused craftcorn is non-refundable/non-returnable.

If you are interested in crafting whisk hand brooms, I'd recommend our processed broomcorn in lengths of 16" or 20". Those listings can be found here: 

We now also sell thread supplies for tying your brooms. Visit Our broom making supplies tab in the shop. 

Dyed Craftcorn Variety Pack, 1/2 lb NATURAL, PLUS 2 additional colors You Pick

Pick Your 2nd Color
Pick your 3rd Option
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