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These handmade Yellow turkey wing style whisk brooms are hand tied using Yellow broomcorn blended with various other colors , creating a lovely useable piece of working art. The trending term to describe this whisk is utilitarian or functional art. It's made from a sustainable product, broomcorn, and hand dyed with non-toxic dyes and zero preservatives. That means it should be kept dry and out of direct sunlight because dyes will fade much quicker if not treated with caustic preservatives. We choose to make an environmentally friendly product over longer lasting bright colors! The only part of our whisks that can not be returned to the earth, is the nylon thread. We have made this choice because it directly affects the construction and longevity. We hope, if the time comes, that you need to retire the whisk, you will recycle or repurpose the nylon thread.


Measures  Approx 15"x10"

Handmade Yellow Whisk Brooms, Functional Art

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