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Welcome to the Cleaning Brooms!  These brooms are made and stitched on our equipment which has been handed down through 6 generations of Meckleys.  These old fashioned brooms are made to last, just like your grandparents and great grandparents used. Our favorite use of these brooms are on sidewalks, driveways, porches, garage and basement floors. We live in a seasonal area, so nothing cleans up our fall leaves and grass better than a sturdy Meckley Broom, except the leaf blower ;-)  Now, admit it, It is nice to return to your roots and grab a broom and sweep the porch.  Oh, these brooms also work great on light fluffy snowfalls.  The type of snow not even worthy of a shovel, but if left untreated will turn to ice.  I'm sure you know the type of nuisance snow I'm referring to.  The care of a real broom made with broomcorn is simple.  Hang it from the suede loop or stand it upright, not on the bristles.  These brooms will last 10's of years if you rotate the handle in your hands as you are working, not stressing the broomcorn to lean to one side and keep it dry when not using.

This broom is 55" end to end and approximately 8" wide at the head.  The broom is crafted onto a natural finished, pine handle.  We use 4 rows of stitching, making it incredibly sturdy.  It is all natural broomcorn and is handcrafted in Denver PA, USA.  Our tread color does vary between red, blue, white, black and green.  If you prefer a specific color thread, please start a conversation with me.  If I have a specific color you want in stock, I can mail it immediately, but if not, we can make a custom order and have one ready to go in a few day.

Heavy Duty Broom Classic Old Fashioned Broom

  • **Broom care instructions: Hang your broom or stand upright on the handle, never the bristles. Keep in a dry location. Broomcorn is a natural fiber, so if left in damp or wet conditions, it may become moldy. We do not use any harsh chemicals or preservatives on our broomcorn. Dyed broomcorn can fade & bleed if gotten wet. When using your broom, frequently spin the handle so the bristles do not become worn down in a single direction. If you follow these directions you will have a broom that lasts many, many years!

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