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This broom has been requested multiple times by Rheumatoid Arthritis customers.  We have lightened the overall weight by nearly half a pound from our regular house broom, without sacrificing the superior quality our customers have come to love and expect from a Meckley Broom.  

This is a full size corn broom measuring 56" +/- and inch for the handmade factor.  The handle is made of lightweight poplar wood, natural unstained with a light poly finish to protect your hands and the handle.


We make this broom with all natural broomcorn and a choice of 3 colors of stitching.


We can not make any medical claims about our product, just know that we have extremely happy RA customers who have helped in the creation of this very broom!


With proper care, these old fashion, hand stitched corn brooms will last many many years.  The Meckleys have been perfecting this old school craft for 6 generations and still use the same equipment handed down through the generations.

USPS is experiencing delays to some parts of the country due to the Covid19 pandemic.  We appreciate your understanding as they work through ongoing issues and longer delivery times.  We do ship priority mail and insure the packages and hope that you will understand these delays.

Light weight Corn Broom, Our lightest sweeping broom

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