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This broom sweeps the competition. It looks Quidditch championship- ready.

Every Broomstick is unique because it is struck by "Lightning"!  No, really! It's an insane amount of High voltage electricity that we pump through the handle to reveal the beautiful and electrifying lightning bolts.  There are NEVER two alike!

The Lightning Besom was created because of an interest we had in fractal art.  So why not try the process on a broomstick and create an awesome costume accessory for witches and wizards?  Each pine or oak handle is electrified, literally using 2400 volts of electricity.  These are not painted burn marks.  One by one, each handle is fried from the inside out, leaving a custom lightning design that cannot be duplicated.  Our brooms are favorites at Wizard festivals and can be spotted flying around the streets.  All brooms are crafted to be used as a cleaning broom, however, most people prefer flying them, or as décor. (ok, they don't really fly-disclaimer)

Our Brooms
  *  Pine or hardwood Handles
  *  Black or Natural Broomcorn
  *  Leather hanging strap
  *  Length end to end is 53"-55" (can customize to a shorter length)
Meckley Brooms is a family owned broom business that spans over 100 years.  6 generations of Meckleys have crafted various types of brooms throughout these years on the same broom machine.  We offer many types of brooms and hope to list more.  

Be sure to visit our shop for more styles/colors of our Lightning Besoms.

Thank you for viewing our Lightning Besom listing.

Lightning Besom

  • **Broom care instructions: Hang your broom or stand upright on the handle, never the bristles. Keep in a dry location. Broomcorn is a natural fiber, so if left in damp or wet conditions, it may become moldy. We do not use any harsh chemicals or preservatives on our broomcorn. Dyed broomcorn can fade & bleed if gotten wet. When using your broom, frequently spin the handle so the bristles do not become worn down in a single direction. If you follow these directions you will have a broom that lasts many, many years!

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