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MAGNIFICENT, describes our latest broom series.  These black beauties will illuminate your space with a blaze of bright color blended into the broomcorn.  This little explosion of color will brighten your day even with the thought of chores.  This is a fully functioning corn broom that can stand up to all your dirty jobs.  Meckley Brooms makes a superior quality broom that you won't find elsewhere.  Our family has been handcrafting brooms for over 100+ years and we still use the same broom machine and press handed down through 4 generations.  If you are looking for old fashioned quality with a new modern colorful twist, we have a broom for you! Pick you favorite burst of color to compliment the black handle & black broomcorn at checkout and your broom will arrive quickly.  Red, Blue, Orange, Green or PurpleThese brooms measure 56" +/- an inch for handmade factor as the overall length.Broomcorn spread is approximately 9"While sweeping the spread is determined by your pressure.We use 4 rows of colored nylon stitching to make an incredible strong, stiff, but flexible bristled brush.We use non-toxic carbon based dyes to hand dye all our broom products.A thin layer of polyurethane is applied to protect your hands and preserve the wood.No harsh preservatives are used in our dyes, so fading will occur over time or quicker if left in sunlight.Dyed brooms must be kept away from moisture.  Do not use to sweep water off porches.  Bleeding of dyes can occur.  If you need a broom that might come in contact with moisture, please see our Heavy Duty Brooms. They are dye free and great for outdoor chores.If you would like to learn more about the Meckley Broom family, sales, and new products, please follow us on Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram. We make all types of brooms for all types of purposes.Disclaimer:  Our brooms do not fly!

Magnificent Black Series of House & Kitchen Brooms

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