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Excited to decorate for Fall/Autumn and Halloween?  We've got the perfect little broom that can accomplish both.  These cute mini brooms look great all by themselves, but I added little ornaments to make them festive.  We do not make the ornaments, just a little something I picked up thinking these were cute.  I modified them to be removable, so you can use/change throughout several seasons/holidays.   Hopefully these ornaments serve as decorating ideas and possibly more.  I love the thought of adding those little LED string lights throughout them, I just don't have the resources to add them to the options list right now.  Just some more ideas!  Choose your broom color and then choose one of the ornament sets.  I've numbered them to easily identify them at checkout.  The scarecrow may differ with hat color from the photo.  These brooms measure approximately 36" +/- for the handmade factor.  All broomcorn is hand dyed with carbon based dyes, making them environmental friendly and non toxic.  Our broomstick twigs are primarily birch wood, but every once in a while a different type of wood gets into the mix since we harvest our broomsticks from distressed trees, logging operations clean up, or storm damage.    Each handle is treated with a thin layer of poly to preserve the bark.  You will receive the ornaments packaged unattached to prevent damage to the broomcorn and ornaments while traveling.  They easily attach with alligator clips to the location of your choice.  Just grab a bunch of broomcorn and clip.  Just to reiterate, the ornaments are not made by Meckley Brooms and are more for decor ideas.  I prefer handmade ornaments, but I just don't have the time to get into non-broom items, at least not yet.  I hope you will run wild with decor ideas.  I'd love to see how you decorate!These little brooms also make great Halloween costume accessories or ceremonial brooms.  We make all our brooms with the quality needed to do chores, but these, and so many of our brooms look so much better on display!  Don't forget to visit our Etsy shop for more selection of brooms.  We carry brooms for the home, fantasy, and spiritual purposes.  We have a long long family history of broommaking dating back over 100 years!  Broommaking has become a form of art for us!USPS is experiencing delays to some parts of the country due to the Covid19 pandemic.  We appreciate your understanding as they work through ongoing issues and longer delivery times.  We do ship priority mail and insure the packages and hope that you will understand these delays.

Mini Fall & Halloween Decor Brooms

SKU: Mini Halloween Broom
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