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We took our popular  rainbow House broom and made a kid size model so mommy's or daddy's little helpers can join in at chore time.  Kids love brooms.  Our grandson take every opportunity to carry his broom around and "help" us sweep up dirt and leaves.  The little kiddos can feel just like the adults with their very own broom.  


Another use is a set of brooms for various chores.  The small broom could be a handled dust brush or hearth broom that can be kept on display.


However you choose to use your brooms, you can be confident that they are superior quality, handmade brooms that will last a very long time with proper care.


Adult size broom measures 55" in length and 9 1/2" sweep width (+/- for handmade factor)

Child broom measures 34" in length and 5" sweep width (+/- for handmade factor)

No props or children are included in purchase.  You will receive the small and large matching rainbow brooms in the base color of your choice.  

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Mommy & Me Rainbow Corn Brooms

SKU: Mommy Me Black Calico
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