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This is fun way to grab some whisk brooms and be surprised when they arrive!  You pick the base color of each whisk, but I pick the threads and color blends, and style (turkeywing, hawktail, henswing).  All are full size whisks.  All unique creations, and you get the surprise!  The pictures are just a small sample of colors.  I have so many more color options that could be in your surprise.  


You will have the option to pick your desired base color for whisk 1 & Whisk 2.  The options are black base, gray base or natural base!  I'll handle it from there!


Because this is a mystery pack, partial returns are not accepted.  Purchasing a mystery pack is an agreement to assume the risk that you may prefer something different.  In the event that you'd like to return the complete order, I will accept that, however return postage is the responsibility of the buyer.  All items are maticulasly crafted just like our regular whisk listings, may even be the same ones!  Thats the fun of it.  Great way to grab gifts and for a discount!





Mystery Whisk Pack (2 whisks)

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