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This name reflects the dark and mysterious colors of nightfall, as well as the magic word charm, which means a spell or an enchantment. It also sounds catchy and elegant, like a whisk broom that can sweep away dust with a flick of the wrist.


These Braided Whisks are truly unique pieces of functional art!  Each one is delicately prepared with vibrant colors of broomcorn and threads, and then hand tied.  Depending on the whisk detail, the time to craft one can vary from 30 minutes to over and hour, and that doesn't include the time it takes to dye the broomcorn.  


Our pictures are as accurate as possible, but lighting and screens can make tints appear slightly different.  A color description is included when possible.  


Because these are made completely by hand, size will vary between each one.  The average size will be 14" tall x11" wide.



Nightfall Charm Braided Whisk

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