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New for November!  The listing is for one of these unique hawktail whisk brooms.  I've named them the Broad Winged Hawktail and  the short-tailed Hawktail.  Whisk brooms seem to be named after birds or bird parts, so I took this a step further and named these two special designs after specific Hawks.  Both are made of our hand dyed broomcorn in the colors of Brown, burgundy, Natural and hand tied with a chocolate thread.  The plaits are also hand dyed in brown.


The Broad Winged Hawktail has a long and wide spreading sweep span and a neck completed with a pinwheel plaited handle.  (15+" for handmade factor)


The Short-tailed Hawktail has a short tight sweep span, a long neck and a double pinwheel plait designed handle. (14+" for handmade factor)


Both Hawktail whisks have a hanging loop tied in for easy display or storage.  

Our hand dyed broomcorn is not treated with preservatives so it should not be stored or displayed in direct sunlight.  Fading will occur naturally, but sunlight will increase the fade time.  


These Whisks will work!  They are excellent dust brushes, hand brooms.  But they look the best on display because of their beauty!


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November Special Hawktails

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