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The most well-known stories of Autumn gods and goddesses is the story of Persephone.


"She’d been given domain over the land, over the seasons, and over the harvest. But she longed for something more. Her name was Persephone. The Divine Maiden knew her mother, Demeter wouldn’t allow her to leave the earth. To go to the Underworld. So she devised a plan. She would seduce and lure the god of the Underworld – Hades.What Persephone didn’t know is that Hades was already madly in love with her. Persephone left earth and went to the Underworld willingly with Hades. But she didn’t expect to fall so madly in love with the god of the Underworld, but that’s exactly what happened. But, unfortunately, after only being in the other realm for a few days, Persephone’s mother sent Hermes to fetch her. She knew she couldn’t outrun her protective mother for too long. So before she was whisked back to earth, Hades placed a piece of Underworldly fruit in her mouth – a pomegranate. This fruit ensured that, even though Persephone would live on earth for two-thirds of the year, the other third she would spend with him. And rule as Queen of the Underworld. Every Spring when she returns to Earth, the flowers bloom and everything comes alive once more."


This is a blueberry broomstick that we give thanks for, as we harvest it for our products.   The colors chosen are that of the harvest season,  layers of Brown, orange, natural craftcorn.  The broomstick is curvy and knobby, a trait of the blueberry shrub.  


This is an amazing cottagecore piece, wedding broom, or for ceremonial use.  It is approx 60" in overall length.


Handcrafted from beginning to end.  We hunt for the broomsticks, dye our own broomcorn and build these beautiful besoms.  All sustainable and never harming living plants or the environment with our non-toxic dyes.  


I hope you enjoy our art and craft of broom making.  

Persephone Blueberry Besom

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