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Welcome to the Cleaning WHISK Brooms! These brooms are made and stitched on our equipment which has been handed down through 6 generations of Meckleys. These old fashioned whisk brooms are made to last, just like your grandparents and great grandparents used. Our favorite use of these handy little brooms are to sweep dirt onto a dust pan and cleaning up around fireplaces. The care of a real broom made with broomcorn is simple. Hang it from the metal loop or stand it upright, not on the bristles. These brooms will last 10's of years if you rotate the whisk in your hands as you are working, not stressing the broomcorn to lean to one side and keep it dry when not using.

This broom is 13" end to end and approximately 4" wide at the head. We use 3 rows of stitching, making it incredibly sturdy. It is all natural broomcorn and is completely handcrafted. Our tread color options vary between red, blue, white, black and green.   

Traditional Natural Whisk Brooms

Thread Color
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