Our turkey wings are crafted by our 17 year old son whom is/has mastered the art of the turkey wing whisk broom.

It's uses.........mostly the same uses of a standard dust pan brush, cleans car mats, small rugs that those vacuums like to suck up.  These also look awesome on mantels & fireplaces, wall decor.  

Check back frequently, as Brant keeps crafting new colors and combinations of the Whisk broom.  We can also take custom orders if you have a favorite combination of colors.  Just send us a conversation.  Also be sure to follow us on facebook, where I post pictures of our newest creations!  

Currently available colors: (we dye all our own broomcorn)

Combos are listed in this order: Base color/highlight color/thread color

Gray/Blue w/blue thread
Gray/Green w/black thread
Gray/Burgundy w/silver thread
Natural/Orange w/orange thread
Black/Red w/black thread
Black/Red w/Red thread
Natural/Red w/black thread
Black/Orange w/black thread
Natural/burgundy/black thread (looks a bit more purplish than burgundy when paired with natural broomcorn.)

Natural/Cranberry Swirl Thread

Natural/Winter Swirl Thread

Natural/Dark Green Thread

Natural/Evergreen Swirl Thread

Natural/Navy Thread

Natural/Black Thread

Natural/Candy Cane Swirl Thread

Natural/Carmel Swirl Thread


Whisk Broom for a Cottagecore feel, Turkey Wing style Farmhouse Decor Rustic Art

  • **Broom care instructions: Hang your broom or stand upright on the handle, never the bristles. Keep in a dry location. Broomcorn is a natural fiber, so if left in damp or wet conditions, it may become moldy. We do not use any harsh chemicals or preservatives on our broomcorn. Dyed broomcorn can fade & bleed if gotten wet. When using your broom, frequently spin the handle so the bristles do not become worn down in a single direction. If you follow these directions you will have a broom that lasts many, many years!