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Our turkey wings were originally crafted by our 17 year old son (now 21), whom mastered the art of the turkey wing whisk broom. Brant taught mom since he has grown up and doesn't have so much time as a young adult in the workforce and has started his own family (next generation of broom makers in the making!)


It's uses.........mostly the same uses of a standard dust pan brush, cleans car mats, small rugs that those vacuums like to suck up. These also look awesome on mantels & fireplaces, wall decor. Useful art that you don't need to hide! We keep crafting new colors and combinations of the Whisk broom. Also be sure to follow us on facebook, where I post pictures of our newest creations! Or sign up for our newsletter and you'll learn about the newest items even before social media!


We do offer a variety of whisk brooms in natural bases, gray bases, and black bases with all sorts of highlights and thread colors. Be sure to visit those listings! They can be found in the Whisk Brooms collection.**props not included**  


Currently available colors: (we dye all our own broomcorn)

Combos are listed in this order: Base color/highlight color/thread color

Natural/Orange w/orange thread
Natural/burgundy/black thread (looks a bit more purplish than burgundy when paired with natural broomcorn.)

Natural/Cranberry Swirl Thread

Natural/Winter Swirl Thread

Natural/Dark Green Thread

Natural/Evergreen Swirl Thread

Natural/Navy Thread

Natural/Black Thread

Natural/Candy Cane Swirl Thread

Natural/Carmel Swirl Thread

**If you are interested in the other items in the photos (cake tester or Pot scrubbers), visit our "Broom Kitchen Gadget" tab.

Natural Whisk Brooms, Turkey Wing style Farmhouse Decor Functional Art

  • **Broom care instructions: Hang your broom or stand upright on the handle, never the bristles. Keep in a dry location. Broomcorn is a natural fiber, so if left in damp or wet conditions, it may become moldy. We do not use any harsh chemicals or preservatives on our broomcorn. Dyed broomcorn can fade & bleed if gotten wet. When using your broom, frequently spin the handle so the bristles do not become worn down in a single direction. If you follow these directions you will have a broom that lasts many, many years!

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