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"This broom sweeps the competition. It looks Quidditch championship- ready."

Every Broomstick is unique because it is struck by "Lightning"!  No, really! It's an insane amount of High voltage electricity that we pump through the handle to reveal the beautiful and electrifying lightning bolts.  There are NEVER two alike!

After the Shock-n-Awe treatment, I cool the broomstick off with a refreshing, but BOLD dye bath.  

At checkout, choose your favorite color broomstick and customize the broomcorn colors.  For your broom, pick 1 of 3 options: all black broomcorn, your handle color mixed with black, or your handle color mixed with natural broomcorn.

We offer: Green, Red, Blue, Purple, yellow and Orange handles.  
Length: 53"-55" (or contact us if you need a custom size, shorter only)

These are truly one of a kind brooms.  A lightning strike is never identical and our dyes are never exact because broomcorn and wood have a mind of their own.  Oh, and no one is crazy enough to risk their lives making these handles, except my husband  (I increased his life insurance;-).

Each broom includes a faux suede strap to hang your broom.  When shipping, we put an additional wrap, or band around the end of the broomcorn to keep it from getting damaged.  This can easily be slid right off the end when you receive your package to allow the broomcorn to spread out.

Thank you for visiting our listing and please take a look around the rest of our shop.  If ordering during Sept or Oct handling time might be delayed a day or two because we travel to festivals and craft fairs.

What our customers have to say:

--"For the broom closetless, it solves the problem of wanting a broom handy without sacrificing style."
--"I Highly Recommend Meckley Brooms. I have received a positive and professional experience shopping with Meckley Brooms, and without a doubt, the craftsmanship is second to none. I intend to buy more brooms in the future, and in different colours! Purple next - I think!" 
--"Fantastic broomstick!!! High quality and gorgeous!"
--"Great broom for everyday! Lightweight and easy to maneuver"
--"Well made. Great addition to our Halloween décor"
--"made by real people here in the USA"

Witch Brooms & Wizard Brooms | Lightning Besom

PriceFrom $75.00
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