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20" Dyed Broomcorn for sale. Want to add color to your brooms or floral designs? We hand dye processed, clean hurl broomcorn. Carbon based dyes, non-toxic, environmentally friendly, plus the sun as our drier, we've made this a eco-friendly product. We do not use preservatives, so fading will happen, quicker if left in sun. You can select colors in 1/2 lb incruments. 


***Due to the moisture content of our fresh harvested greenish broomcorn, GRAY broomcorn is dyeing with a green tint.  This will continue until I can get the stock to dry out further.


Will ship internationally, but shipping is an additional cost.  Please contact us for a shipping quote before purchasing.  

1/2 lb. Dyed Broomcorn 20" Hurl Broom Corn Multiple Colors

PriceFrom $12.00
0.5 Pounds
  • Dyed broomcorn is non-refundable or returnable because of tinting or unused product.  Using natural fiber and custom dyes does not guarantee a uniform shade throughout a dye batch.  Many factors play into dye batches.  Each piece of hurl can absorb at different rates, so one tint/color, even within the same dye batch, can vary.  The thicker stalk part of hurl also absorbs at a different rate than the brushy ends. We do our best to achieve the same color throughout a piece of hurl, but this is hand dyed, adhearing to environmentally friendly practices.  The absorption of dye is not forced by harsh chemicals, but rather only boiling water.  This process, leaves the door open to a rainbow of colors/tints with no guarantees.  

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